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Golden Morn

Golden Morn cereal brand is a nutritious, delicious and filling cereal made from locally sourced whole grains. Golden Morn contains over 50% of whole grains in each pack and is fortified with essential nutrients such as vitamin A and iron. Nestlé GOLDEN MORN Maize provides you with: ENERGY for a great start to your day. VITAMIN A To help provide good vision. IRON To help in the formation of red blood cells (transport oxygen to the cells). CALCIUM To help you have strong bones and teeth. PROTEIN To help you grow and maintain your body. DIETARY FIBRE To help you maintain a healthy digestive system Net Weight: 500g

MILO Energy Cube

Nestle Milo Energy Cubes – also known as Choco Milo by most people. Has been a classic sort of chocolaty candy, kids and adults have enjoyed for years and still very much enjoy. These very interesting cubes of milo are something most of us would remember from year ago. Definitely a favourite among children and adults alike, these cute yummy cubes measure about 0.8 cm each side and give you an experience you can relive each time you throw one into your mouth. Net Weight: 137.5g

MILO Refill Active Go 1kg

$12.99 $10.99
MILO Refill Active Go is made from a unique maltextract, milk and cocoa and is enriched with proteins and a special blend of vitaminsand minerals. Drinking MILO as part of a healthy breakfast, provides all theessential nutrients that help prepare you and your family to get the most outof your day. To prepare: Pour MILO 20g sachet orScoop 4 teaspoons of MILO Refill Active Go into a cup/mug, add hot water and stir briskly todissolve the powder. Add 2 or more teaspoons of IDEAL or CARNATION milk, stir welland enjoy as breakfast. To take MILO Refill Active Go as an afternoon snack, replace hot waterwith cold water, add some ice cubes and enjoy your chilled cup of Milo. Net Weight: 200g

Ovaltine Melted food drink

Not only that your nutritious serving of Ovaltine is packed full of vitamins and minerals to keep a healthy body, but also whether you love it ot or cold, your cup of Ovaltine chocolatey beverage is ready to drink. Just add water or milk for a delicious, comforting drink. You can enjoy Ovaltine drinks whenever it suits you, because they're all totally caffeine free. KEY FEATURES: Caffeine free 'Chocolatey' malt taste Packed full of nourishing vitamins and minerals Net Weight: 400g

Pack of Butter Mint

This Pack of Butter Mint candy is delight-some for both young and old. This candy also offers nourishment and mouth freshness. Butter Mint Candy contains ten vitamins and minerals that the body needs for healthy growth and contains condensed milk that keeps the candy as long as you desire. Butter Mint Candy can be stored in all types of weather. Net Weight: 30units

Pack of TOM TOM

Nigerian Tom Tom Sweet is the candy which gives a smoothing relief with strong menthol flavored taste. TomToms, introduced in 1970, are the first Nigeria candy ever introduced. With a minty, menthol flavor, TomToms are the most popular candy in Nigeria.
  • Tom-tom is a candy with a great  menthol flavored
  • A great candy for clearing congestions in the throat.
  • This pack is made of 40 units of Tom-tom candies.
  • Tom-tom is also used the clear the smell of cigarette after smoking.
Net Weight: 30 units